I wasn’t planning about writing about this. In fact, I had consciously decided I wouldn’t write about this because it wasn’t directly related to drumming. But I’ve ended up as a sound byte on NPR so I guess I have to write about it.

Today I want to the Blogher conference in Chicago which is an annual meet-up for women in blogging (http://www.blogher.org/about-blogher-conferences-events). My decision to go was a last minute one. I found a link to the conference on a foodblog and discovered the conference was being held here in Chicago. Well, I thought, how often does that happen?

It was overwhelming. Hundreds of women filled the Grand Ballroom of Navy Pier. I expected one hundred, maybe two, but I heard the women down the hallway before I saw them — a muffled roar. And then I walked in. Hundreds of women. I didn’t even know where to start. But before I even had a chance to get coffee, a woman introduced herself to me, told me about her blog, asked me about mine, and before I knew it, I knew someone.

The ice-breaker activity however is when I really felt it was possible to get something out of this experience. We were asked to stand in two circles, one inside the other, and face the woman in front of us. They set a timer. We had one minute to describe our blog to the other woman and to hear a description of her blog. After a minute, we moved to the next woman to our right and did it again. I met 7 women or so who wrote interesting blogs (the few exceptions being corporate reps who were there to tout their wares). I gave away business cards — good thing, too, because I stayed up until 2 am last night printing and handstamping them with the short punks logos (excuse me, brand).

It was during this activity that I noticed men with microphones standing beside us while we talked. And while I was describing Chick Drummer to another woman, I noticed the microphone was right next to me. I thought nothing of it and moved on. I thought nothing of it that is until I listened to the local NPR station’s coverage of the event this evening. In the first few seconds of the story, I heard that muffled roar — the one I heard this morning in the ballroom — and as the reporter began to describe the conference, I heard a voice, a familiar voice, say this: “I’m a drummer for a band. I write about being a drummer.” Hm, I thought as I listened to the NPR broadcast, why didn’t I meet her? We have a lot in common. Then it hit me. Oh my god. That was me. That was me describing my blog at the ice-breaker. Holy shit!

And that’s all I said. No interview. No “What’s your name?” Just my voice. So this is my .2 seconds of non-fame.

But you know who it is. And that’s good enough for me.

If you want to hear my .2 seconds of non-fame, then here’s the link. Don’t snooze, you might miss it.