I only just realized, this morning, while I was sitting in a cafe avoiding my dissertation that my blog about drumming isn’t just about drumming. Drumming is a metaphor — an allegory — for life.

You thought I knew this.

I thought I knew this.

I didn’t really know this.

I realized it today as I planned to write another post about learning to play triplets. I was thinking of metaphors for it to explain why adding a third stroke can be so challenging if you had been playing a certain rhythm before.

It’s like being a teacher, I thought. A teacher who has been teaching 2 classes a semester for years and then suddenly someone asks you to teach a third class. And you say yes. Then you realize something: all the routines are slightly different now. The times to teach, when to prepare, even the hours of the commute. So something so small ends up being bigger than you thought.

That’s when I figured it out: that’s not a metaphor or an analogy, it’s my life.

I am a teacher. I just did take on a third class this semester after having taught 2 classes a semester for years. And I’m learning to adjust my routines, my commute, my lunch times.

And like drumming, that third class is like a third stroke added to a rhythm.

It’s not a big deal, but I only just realized it. Drumming is like…life.