How do we describe falling in love? Is it brown eyes that bat serenely? Is it a fleet-footed gate? The subtle bounce of a rear-end turning a corner? What words describe the feelings of amour when we watch him eat grass?

Ah, there is nothing like bunny-love.

Meet Jackson, the newest member of Short Punks in Love. He was rescued from a pet store on Thursday. It was, perhaps, pity that prompted the purchase. From inside the walls of his fiberglass hutch surrounded by guinea pigs and rabbits, he lifted his rump to me and seemed to say: “Look at my ass!! Look at the bite on my ass! Get me the hell of out of here!”

I lifted him out of the hutch and said to a pet store worker, “Do you know he has a scab on his bottom?”

Without looking up from his task the worker said, “He was probably sparring with another male.”

A duel. How romantic.

We complied with the rabbit’s request, taped him into a cardboard box and brought him home along with $200 worth of rabbit gear. Now, he’s cost at much as some of our music gear.

Hello World. Meet Jackson. Any words, Jackson?

“Kiss my ass.”

Ah, a lively personality to add to Short Punks.

Stay tuned for more on Jackson.