Five things Jackson has chewed in the last 3 weeks.

1. Brian’s bass cabinet

2. The carpet in the music room

3. The cord to the Ikea lamp

4. Brian’s face

5. Brian’s MP3 player headphones

So we’re learning the wonders of rabbit ownership. A couple of things you may not have known:

1. They’ll chew on anything within in reach

2. They poop every ten seconds. According to The Stories Rabbits Tell rabbits poop about 200 times a day. That means in a 3 days we have 600 poops in her cage.

3. They’re a lot smarter than you think. She knows where we keep her food and she jumps up on the bin whenever she’s out and tries to open it herself.

4. They can crawl into anything. It took me 20 minutes to get her out from behind the steam radiator.

5. They actually can get along with cats. We worried about this. Rosie’s very predator-like and we imagined coming home to find a bunny carcass. But, as it turns out, Rosie and Jackson (Jax, for short) are pals. We regularly find Rosie sleeping next to Jackson’s cage and when Jackson’s out they chase each other around the apartment.

Here’s a couple of things I’m still working on as a rabbit owner.

1. It’s okay to leave her in the cage for more than 30 minutes. I have cage-guilt. I have to get over that. She likes her cage and I need to get over that I’m abusing her by putting her in her cage.

2. Cage clean-up can be a bitch. When do I do it? I was cleaning it almost everyday for the shear novelty of it, but now it’s becoming a drag. I’m slowly developing a system so that it doesn’t take an hour.

3. I want to get her a rabbit friend. I think she’s lonely. She’s probably fine.

4. I’ve already started to worry about what will happen when she eventually dies. I know, that’s sad.

5. Lastly, I worry that Ben (the other cat) is feeling neglected. He’s probably fine, too.

And so you can have your cuteness-fix appeased. Here are some pics of a rabbit and a cat. All together now: “Awww…that’s so cute.”

Jax and Rosie