In the recent issue of Roctober, Brian found this short notice about our first CD.

 Short Punks in Love.  Moody indie with a nice balance of resonant guitar and spare percussion.  Far less cutesy than the band name, but just as romantic (actually, more so).

“Spare percussion”!!  Ha. I love that. It was our first CD, my first recording, and “spare” was all I could play.  I only knew the basic rock  beat so that’s what I played.  We get compliments every now and then on the “percussive style” and I’m often embarrassed to admit to the complimenter (although, I do) that my “style” came from not really knowing how to play.  Brian was so supportive, and actually prefers minimal drumming, that it actually worked with the songs he wrote.   Now, we’re having another discussion.  Since I have learned more I want to complicate the drumming patterns and he wants to keep them minimal.  We’re working on that now.

Meanwhile, that debut CD, now 2 years-old, is still our favorite.  And, if you haven’t heard it and want a copy, send an e-mail to and we’ll send you a copy for FREE!