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I realized the other day that for the first time in a year I have not posted in a weeks.  This is not because nothing has happened but because I am finally (hallelujah!) completing a doctoral dissertation which is due …. um…. Monday.  So, I have been a little busy and not posting.  One person wondered about my absence and e-mailed to see if I was all right (Thanks, Lisa).  I’m fine — just writing other stuff.

If you have never pursued a Ph.d. then you may not know that a doctoral dissertation is the final requirement to complete before one can be awarded a doctorate.  It is usually a minimum of 200 pages, although some people have written two or three times that (Brian’s was 400 pages).  If I can make the 200 I’ll consider myself happy.  And what do we write about in these things? Whatever we decided we want to spend 6-8 years of our lives researching. I chose medieval saints lives from 13th century Italy.  Why?  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Six years later, I’m not so sure.  And what about these saints?  Well, I argue (yes, that’s the grad student word: “argue”) that images of blacks/blackness in the medieval saints lives are potentially racialized and reflect interactions with Africans long before the beginning of the slave trade.

Sounds fair, enough, right?  Took years to prove — if I have.  In any case, the last month or so I’ve been busily trying to fill in the research and complete writing this project which I began more than a few years ago. So, Chickdrummer has not been much in my mind.  Although that doesn’t mean we didn’t do gigs.  We had three:  a buddhist temple, an all-ages hookah lounge, and a wedding. I know, I know.  Those would have made great postings.  And they still will.  I took pictures.  I have stories to tell,  but unfortunately not right now…later  when I have finished the dissertation and hopefully, successfully defended it.  Oh yeah, that’s the other requirement.  I meet a committee of professors who question me on the dissertation and decide together whether I can legitimately be called “Doctor.”  Yes, that will be nail-biter.  I’ll let you know how it works out. If it doesn’t work out, at least I’ll have drumming.

So, check back or better yet, add me to your blog reader and I’ll let you know how it works out. The defense date is scheduled for August 12th — think good thoughts for me.

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