I teach for a living (not drum, alas), and the first 2 weeks of December is our rush period.  Students come at all hours of the day, dropping off papers, begging for extensions, and excusing absences.  And it’s 8:30 PM and I’m waiting for an errant student to finish a make-up final exam.

In this brief moment of waiting I realized that my blog missed me.  It’s weird, isn’t it?  This space has developed a personality in my head as if it was a person I should be talking to — or, would rather be talking to.  So, what have I wanted to tell you in the weeks since my last post?

  • Our cat has cancer.  I know… I forgot to mention.  He was diagnosed during the first week of orientation, I have barely had time to think about it until now. 
  • Short Punks has a gig on Saturday and I haven’t picked up a drumstick in months
  • I filed my dissertation and was cleared to graduate
  • It’s 22 degrees in Chicago
  • Oh yeah, and they arrested our Governor (big surprise)

There was a list in my head of really cool stuff I wanted to write about and you know what, this isn’t it.

I guess what I want to remind myself was that I need to open some space for the drumming and the writing.  This is my new challenge  — creating that space for the things I was doing before I began full-time teaching.