I’m the drummer for Short Punks in Love, a Chicago-based duo which began in Winter 2005. I am a novice drummer who touched my first pair of sticks at the age of 37. This blog documents not only my journey to learn to play the drums but also the adventures of the band. Our website is: www.shortpunksinlove.com

I started the blog (originally located at http://www.shortpunksinlove.blogspot.com) to answer questions people asked me at shows about how we started as a band, how long we had been playing, how long I had been playing, etc.  The first few months were devoted to drumming, but as time passed the blog became a place for me to write about my interests outside of drumming.  So, you may also read about urban biking, rabbits, and life in Chicago in addition to postings about gigs and drums.

Email me at chickdrummer7[at]gmail[dot]com